About the book

In the book ‘Digital employee experience’ authors Tabhita Minten and Christiaan Lustig combine their years of experience at the intersection of digital communication, organization, HR, and technology, and address various topics revolving around the digital employee experience:

  • What exactly is digital employee experience (#DEX)? How does it relate to the broader employee experience (EX)?
  • Which perspectives are important when thinking about and working on #DEX? The organization’s and technology’s? Or is there more going on?
  • Which stakeholders should you have at the table? Are they mainly Communication and IT? Or are there other relevant stakeholders?
  • What role does technology play in digital employee experience? What does the strong growth of Microsoft 365 mean, for example?
  • Which forms of digital work and collaborations are appropriate for the culture of your organisation? And how do you reinforce that culture?

The English version of the book is available via most international online stores.

About the authors

Tabhita Minten combines a clear long-term vision with pragmatic steps in the short term. She inspires others and gets people moving. Tabhita has extensive knowledge and experience as consultant and project manager and is an expert in the field of digital communication and collaboration, intranet and (digital) employee experience. Tabhita works as an independent organization consultant and is owner of PeperMint Organisatieadvies, based in the Netherlands.

Christiaan Lustig helps organisations continually improve their (internal and external) digital communications, service, and collaboration through continually optimising the digital employee experience (#DEX). He trains and coaches professionals and organisations in improving hybrid/digital work and collaboration. Christiaan works for a variety of clients in the Netherlands and Belgium.


James Robertson, managing direct of Step Two, and founder of the global DEX movement, says of the book: ‘Digital employee experience is an important, but also a new idea. For this reason, we need pioneers to map out the landscape to enable wider engagement and participation of organisations around the globe. With their new book, Tabhita and Christiaan offer a structured approach to laying out the fundamentals of DEX principles and practices.’

Elena Bogdanova, founder and CEO of Rivelty.Intranet, says: ‘I love how Christiaan and Tabhita structured their book. I enjoyed the flow of their thoughts, and the book is interesting to novices as well as experts.
At first I read particular topics, but I would recommend everyone start from beginning to follow the authors’ train of thoughts. I admire how the authors connect their ideas with those of other experts, but with their own true opinion on it. This is really valuable.
The book is easy and enjoyable to read, and well written. It feels like you’re talking to the authors in a friendly atmosphere, when one person explains something interesting to the other. Recommended!’


Tabhita and Christiaan presented the key insights and models from the book at the 2021 Digital Employee Experience Conference on 1 and 2 September, and did so again at the IntraTeam Event 2021 vol. 3 on 16 November 2021.

We’re available for talks at physical events (Christiaan) as well as online events (Christiaan and/or Tabhita) for 2022. Drop us a line at christiaan@digitalemployeeexperience.nl.

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